Farm Chronicles: I’m already a farmer.


Moving to the country is quiet and I have to resist the urge to use words like ‘yonder’ and ‘holler.’ There are more flies here. There’s no cable TV or fast internet access out here. There are a few amenities that I am getting used to doing without and I’m actually okay with that.

For the first time in my life I do not have a garbage disposal in my sink so I decided that I MUST start a compost pile for my kitchen scraps. What fun! Giving back to the earth, being green! And bonus compost for my garden while I wait for things to grow. Lovely!

So, Bob provided a small bucket to fit under the kitchen sink and I have been dutifully disposing of everything organic in the bucket, all the while thinking of great beginnings. You have no idea how proud I was of this slop.

Until today.

Flies. I’ve been farming maggots. Fruit fly maggots hatched and coated the rim inside the bucket. Right under my sink in my spotless kitchen. I only noticed when one tickled the inside of my wrist as it fled from its siblings.

And many more had escaped into the cabinet.

They’re dead now. Every. Last. One.

My skin has not stopped crawling

I need a shower.

Round 2 on the compost.


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An escape from the suburbs and corporate America spawned a journey into rural living. Writer, wife, mother, and local chicken lady, join me as I fail, fail, fail! and learn along the way.

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