Farm Chronicles: I Swear I Only Had One Beer!

Farm Chronicles: I Swear I Only Had One Beer!

You wanna here about the most embarrassing moment of my life?

Having a family dinner at Rock n Brews in Oviedo. We had a great spot on the patio. Top notch food, good beer. It was a great night. Gabby asked to go to the bathroom. I took her by the hand and found the quickest route.

I hustled her down the patio toward the door to enter the main restaurant. I took a quick left.

Dead into a wall of glass.

Forehead and knees.

The resultant gong that reverberated through the place seemed to go on forever. Every eye in the joint was on me.

Gabby was laughing hysterically. She turned red in the face she laughed so hard. No support what so ever.

I was too shamed to go further. I called Bob over and told him that he had to take her in before I died of embarrassment. I wanted to cry. But I laughed heartily along with the other diners and retreated to my seat.

I hit that glass so hard my forehead and knees were tender for two days afterward.

You’re welcome.


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An escape from the suburbs and corporate America spawned a journey into rural living. Writer, wife, mother, and local chicken lady, join me as I fail, fail, fail! and learn along the way.

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