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Meet Nibbles

I have an adorable goat in jammies running around my house. We found her one cold morning last week while doing chores. Sadly, her twin brother died at birth and her mother rejected her. I will bottle feed her for two months. Meanwhile, she gets primo accommodation.

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The Bastard Bit Me

Last week while preparing for the Hurricane that thankfully, missed us here in FL, I had the pleasure of relocating our guard goose, Doofus. He comes complete with nasty tongue teeth, but he doesn’t even need those. Please watch as he twists my tender flesh with impunity.

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Unexpected Visit

This guy showed up today out of the blue. He came to chill by the cottage. Is not a fan of chicken, but will audibly snap a chicken leg in half. I had no idea that we had alligator snapping turtles in our tiny swamp.

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